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DISLOCATE Symposium July 28th & 29th 2007
ZAIM, Yokohama
Dislocate will hold an international symposium over two days with participants from Germany, Indonesia, S.Korea, Japan and UK.
Artists, researchers and theorists will join with the audience in an explorative investigation of the creative and social potential of new media to engage us with our direct locality.

This symposium aims to explore what is meant by ‘locality’, how does new media impact upon our notion of space and our interaction with our surroundings, how this can be used to transform communities whilst expanding on the relationship between virtual and physical communities.

The conflicts and integrations which emerge as separate spaces collide in one site will be examined raising concerns of homogenization and de-contextualisation alongside the awareness of local identity and culture.

This will include an scrutinization of sensitive, meaningful exchange between different localities facilitated through new media and the manifestations which reconnection or further connection with our environment can take.

If you wish to attend the symposium please email info"at"dis-locate.net with your name and contact number

Symposium Schedule
28th July 11am-1pm  2pm-4.30pm
Christian Nold
Taeyoon Choi
Augmented Architectures
Dan Belasco Rogers
ISEA 2008 presentation
Workshop: Taeyoon Choi 1.30pm
29th July 11am-1pm  2pm-4.30pm
Active Ingedient
So Hyeon Park
Sascha Pohflepp
Yuko Mohri
Workshop: Christian Nold 1pm
Performance Event 6pm