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about dislocate


Dislocate is a long term project which examines the relationship between art, technology and locality. Its objective is to promote international interdisciplinary discussion and debate upon the impact of new technologies upon our concept and construction of place, pointing towards the various challenges which we may face in this process but also the creative potentials and commentaries which exist here.
Through artistic, cultural and intellectual exchange and collaboration we aim to enable an important sharing of experience and expression of the various contexts which impact upon our daily lives and affect our attitudes to place and new media. Dislocate aims to achieve this through various forms, including an annual festival held in Tokyo/Yokohama and various collaborations and workshops held between Japan and international partners.

We carry many locations with us, virtual, physical, psychological and cultural locations which have a complex relation to each other, Dislocate considers the impact of new media upon the construction of these locations and how they interact with each other. It is an opportunity to reflect upon the conditions of place, drawing on our various locations in the examination of a particular space

Dislocate was initiated in 2006 in a response to what appeared as an increasing fragmentation  in the discourse surrounding place and new media. There have been many developments in the media art world in particular in the field of locative media which many have professed to bring a convergence of location and technology together, while others have proclaimed the end of geography which had become obsolete in an age of global connectivity and communication immanence. Dislocate aims to challenge both of these ideas in a more critical investigation which can reflect widely but in depth upon the supposed loss or increase of place through technological developments and globalization.

The key to Dislocate is participation and engagement. It is a platform from which new dialogues can emerge and it is vital that both artists and audiences are equally involved in this process. This is why Dislocate has initiated a wide range of events which include performance, workshops and symposia. They allow alternative forms of presentation and participation in which audiences can make significant contributions to the progress and direction of the events, they can deepen their knowledge and understanding of new media art and offer their own experiences and perspectives.