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dislocate 2010 diary


mediActions - dislocate festival and residency 25th September-13th November

All events will take place in 3331 Arts Chiyoda B1F Multispace unless otherwise stated

Welcome Party

26th September 18:00-21:00


Saturday 2nd 9th 16th 23rd 30th October 14:00-18:00


3rd October Asian Media Art // 10th October Media Activism: Champon, Video Act, VJU, MediR // 17th October Gender/Sexuality 14:00-17:00


3rd October Asia Media Art //10th October Media Activism //17th October Mediating Gender/Sexuality 18:00-20:00


11th October (Sunday) Artists + Ogura Toshimaru, Fujii Hikaru, Okabe Aomi 10:00-18:00 1000yen


Weekend live

「fused femmes」live music by female experimental electronic artists  16th October 19:00-21:00 1000yen

politics of sound」sound performance with a social message 23rd October 19:00-21:00 1000yen


9th October 18:00-20:00 including Sakiko Yamaoka・Prilla Tania + Midori Kadokura, Hiroshi Murakami

Exhibition 30th October-13th November 3331 1F Gallery B 12:00-19:00

Participatory Event 31st October 13:00-17:00

Farewell Party 

5th November (Friday)18:00-21:00 500yen(includes food + drink)