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Dee Hibbert-Jones & Nomi Talisman


Are We There Yet? Subway Stories

Are We There Yet? maps internal states in real space on the Yokohama subway system. The project produces an emotional sound map of the city, illustrated through the lines of the subway system.
Stories will be collected in person as the artists travel the subway system, which will then mapped on the website and the interactive map in the exhibition space, re-creating the experience for exhibition visitors who can travel the subway lines visually, and click on any subway location to hear each story, and see images of the journey. Visitors traveling the subway inhabit another person's significant emotional memory at the exact physical location where it took place.



Are We There Yet?」は内的世界を横浜の地下鉄という現実空間に重ねる。記録された心の声は、地下鉄の路線図上に表現される。作者は地下鉄へと赴き、人々から物語を聞き出し、録音する。記録された物語はウェブ上と展示会場に設置された地図にアップロードされ、観客は駅名を