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A series of workshops will be held, in conjunction with the Dislocate Symposium, as an active form of research and collaboration between artists and participants.

Exploring the pathways of Yokohama

Yokohama is famous as a port of exchange, a gateway for international relations, a historical site of both commercial and cultural trade. With its various inlets and outlets, Yokohama is a buzzing network of transactions and communications. But with our rapid movement through fluctuating lines how can we take account of each footstep? Utilizing these networks, trains, subway, roads, alleys in a scrutinization of the moving city, workshops will set out an expedition in which we reflect upon our roaming through urban space and the fleeting exchanges which occur here.

Workshop Schedule
31st August Artist Talk - 9001  11am
Disinformation, Jen Southern, Terrie Cheung & Brian Kwok, Dee Hibbert-Jones& Nomi Talisman
6th September Artist Talk/workshop - 9001 11am
Matthew Ostrowski
Every city has a chord resonating through it, below our range of hearing.
This chord is the combination of the citys acoustic signature and the happenings that take place within it -- cars, people, every activity of life reverberating through architecture and landscape. Sounds, like memories, never completely dissipate, merely growing quieter and quieter, sinking below the noise floor and merging with the hum of the city. Spectral City listens to its location, and capture and suspend the most prominent pitches. This piece reveals the deep structures of sound which permeate us, the unique harmony underlying every location.
Matthew will present about his work and also offer a practical workshop in which participants can discover the underlying pitch of places around the city.
6th September Live Event Ginza Art Lab 3pm
Film Screening, Live Performance, Walking tour of Ginza
7th September Artist presentations and workshops - 9001 2pm
Matt Green
13th September workshop ZAIM 1pm
Nikki Pugh and Ana Benlloch
Nikki and Ana will present a workshop based on their multi-participatory game Emergent Game www.emergentgame.org.uk Emergent game involves exploring interaction in the physical and virtual world using mobile phones, and the internet, while exploring the city with our physical bodies. Teams will be set tasks to complete around the city, finding real objects and tagging them in the virtual world. The objective is to explore how we can use technologies to explore and express our concrete surroundings.
14th September artist talk workshop ZAIM 2pm
Maebayashi Akitsugu, Suzi Tibbetts Joshua Rosenstock
15th September artist talk workshop - ZAIM 2pm
Tsuda Michiko Watanabe Mizuki
18th September Proboscis Workshop ZAIM 2pm
Sensory Threads Workshop at Dislocate08
The environment around us is a mass of sensory information, some of it easy to detect, playing on our visual, aural, olfactory, gustatory and tactile senses, while others are less perceptible - electro-magnetic radiation, hi/lo sound frequencies, infra-red light etc - and yet these imperceptible streams interact with us regularly as we go about our everyday lives.
As part of our research for Sensory Threads, Proboscis will lead a workshop at Dislocate08 to engage artists, urbanists, designers, technologists, musicians and dancers in an active investigation into the sensorial patterns and rhythms to be found in our environment. The area around ZAIM in Yokohama will become our research field as we seek out and evidence the recurring, overlapping and intersecting sounds and movements that take place as we act in, and react to, our environment.
*  *  *
Sensory Threads is a work-in-progress to develop an instrument enabling a group of people to create a soundscape reflecting their collaborative experiences in the environment. For this interactive sensory experience, we are designing sensors for detecting environmental phenomena at the periphery of human perception as well as the movement and proximity of the wearers themselves. Possible targets for the sensors may be electro-magnetic radiation, hi/lo sound frequencies, heart rate etc). The sensors' datastreams will feed into generative audio software, creating a multi-layered and multi- dimensional soundscape feeding back the players' journey through their environment. Variations in the soundscape reflect changes in the wearers interactions with each other and the environment around them.  We aim to premiere the work in 2009.
Sensory Threads is being created by Proboscis in collaboration with Birkbeck College's Pervasive Computing Lab, The Centre for Digital Music at Queen Mary (University of London), the Mixed Reality Lab at the University of Nottingham and the School of Management at University of Southampton.


If you wish to attend any of these events please email to info@dis-locate.net with your name and contact telephone number