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Entering the current of the city, conducted through its circuits, in a constant state of disturbance, is it possible to configure with our environment? When shuttled at such velocities can we find any point of anchor? Roaming these streaming channels what do we transmit and what do we receive?

The main strategy of the exhibition is to present itinerant works which investigate the surrounding environment, taking the viewer on a journey through the city, allowing a new experience of these immediate spaces and communicating this with other locations.

This year Dislocate will be examining our movement through place/s investigating how a technologically induced momentum through our surroundings (and the various multiple places which this implies), how this impacts upon our perspective of where we are. Audiences will be led on Trails through the city in which Journey itself the destination utilizing public transport, cycling, walking and will in effect be making an expedition into the condition and context of that particular environment which may be enhanced or obstructed by the application of new media practices. A key feature of the festival is its mobility, not just constrained to one gallery space, many of the works request the viewer to take routes through the urban landscape, using public transport, bicycle or by foot.

Souzoukukan9001 10am-7pm 30th August - 7th September (closes at 5pm on final day)

ZAIM 10am-8pm 6th August - 21st September 34 Nihon Odori, Naka-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 231-0021

Admission is FREE